Tom Rees – United States Marine Corps

“Pete is an outstanding trainer with a brand new facility. I have had the privilege of training with him several times. He has a positive attitude and knows how to motivate his clients to push themselves to reach their goals. He is knowledgeable on both fitness and nutrition and instills habits in the people he trains that will last a lifetime. If you are on the fence about getting a trainer- do it, and go with Pete at Decision Fitness and Nutrition. You won’t regret it.”

jordan schafer

Jordan Schafer

  “In 2009 with The Atlanta Braves, Pete worked with me daily to make me the best I could be.  I know he will give you just as much energy and effort as he gave me.  Pete is my friend to this day.”


KRISTEN – Berkeley Lake GA

  “I’ve been training with Pete for almost a year and began to see results immediately.  Pete pushes me to reach my health and fitness goals by keeping me motivated and challenged with innovative fitness and nutrition plans.”




Decision Fitness & Nutrition has made a tremendous impact on my life and helped me achieve my health and fitness goals.  


Dr. Sandeep V MD

“I trained with Pete Finazzo at Decision Fitness & Nutrition during the summer of 2016. He helped me achieve my fitness goals. Pete is full of knowledge and continuously strives to learn more. He challenged my abilities with different exercise routines and helped me become stronger. I appreciated his discipline and enforcement of safety. He is particular about the proper form and joint safety, which is very important to prevent injuries. He is always encouraging and up beat l. He has a passion for training and wants you to succeed in your goals!”


Alana – Buford, GA

“Pete seems to really care about his clients and is attentive. He knows your limit and pushes each person to their limit without causing them injury.”


Michael – Buford, GA

“I have been very impressed with Pete’s passion and knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition. He genuinely cares about his clients’ and shares his extensive expertise to help you get in great results and sustain them.”


Cherie Suwanee, GA

“Pete is an exceptional personal trainer. He trains my husband, daughter and myself. He has the skill and ability to train and relate to any age and any fitness level. His vast knowledge and motivation enables me to push myself to the limit without fear of injury. Workouts are fun, yet challenging. Seeing real results real fast! “