Make the Decision to become the person that you’ve always known you can be. Do not measure your prospects for success based on the failure promulgated by others. Instead, sustain your drive with personal accountability, understanding, organization, and a fierce commitment to reach your highest potential. Your understanding of the glycemic index is imperative. Our multi-faceted approach to naturally boost your BMR, and VO2 Max, combined with the process of correctly building the size of that engine from your current physical disposition, is a powerful tool. It truly is what is required to achieve “Permanent Sustainable Results.  Pete Finazzo


That’s right. You must have a firm understanding in these areas along with timing, intervals, groupings, form and splits. Personal organization is key … making it happen. How to shop and on what budget. How much carbohydrate, what kind and when. Supplements? Which proteins are best and when. Which do you really need and which are a waste of money.

You’re probably looking for an answer for your problem, and believe me, … you’re certainly not alone. Getting in shape in your middle to later years requires a different approach than it did when you were back in school. It really does, in fact, start with your own personal decision to make the change. But that’s not all. You also need the professional guidance to make it happen. The entire process is complex. At Decision Fitness & Nutrition, exercise, life style and nutrition come together in a fun and exciting way to get the life changing results that you’re looking for. Understanding the various methods of naturally speeding up you’re metabolism, increasing the energy requirements of that engine, and a firm grasp of the glycemic index are absolutely imperative. If you’ve tried numerous diets and fitness routines only to be frustrated with marginal, temporary results, you’ve come to the right place.

pete finazzo

Pete Finazzo

Owner, CPT